Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Je m'appelle Paula. J'ai quinze ans.

Hey guys!

Chris told me that if you can make an egg sandwich, you are totally ready to be an American. I made egg sandwiches to Kevin and Jake yesterday and according to their reaction, I've mastered the egg sandwich challenge.
We also went to play golf yesterday with Jake and Kevin. It was pretty fun, tho' we definitely did not follow any rules and just kept picking up random balls and putting them on green so we could practice putting. So yea, Kevin broke one of the clubs, but otherwise we're good. We also played some Black Ops later and watched a movie called "Big".
I had the weirdest dream today. I went to an American school, which had a dock in the middle of the building and there was only one boy in the school and I had a suite in there, which was awkward. It got worse, but.. yeah..
I started making a list of things I did for the first time while I've been here. It's quite long and I still haven't put down all the stuff.

Don't have any photos for you, but there aren't any comments on my inbox, so I guess we're even -.-


Anni said...

ma kirjutan siis kommentaari, äkki saab paar pilti järgmine kord ;) eelmised pildid olid armsad! :)

Paula said...

armas sinust :)

Ossu said...

ALMOST Ülemiste hotelli purskaev :D :)

Paula said...

hahahaha, geniaalne :D :)