Sunday, July 24, 2011

release your inner visions

Haven't blogged for a while, but hey, u lazy people don't even leave a comment, like, not cool, dudes. REALLY?

Anyway, we went to cinema again the other day to see 'Monte Carlo'. I thought it's one of those Disney princess stories, but it actually wasn't. Sweet and girly, nothing special but also not as bad as you'd assume. So yeah, I'd say I even liked it.

Today we went to a waterfront restaurant and while having our crab cakes we put together a list of the things I should definitely do before leaving the USA. Right now it looks something like that:

  • eat peanut butter
  • go to a roller coaster
  • visit the museums in D.C.
  • go swimming at night
  • watch sunrise by the Atlantic Ocean
  • public planking with a photo/video proof
  • go to Annapolis to 1) make pictures 2) buy postcards
  • vlog from the pool party (tomorrow)
  • go to IHOP
  • fly a kite
  • go to a baseball game 
It probably gets longer, but yeah. Any ideas? Let me know.


That's a perfect picture to show what you should not do, if you have one chance to take a picture of a nest full on just hatched birds. Well, too bad I messed it up :(

Yea, well, outfit post from today and it's totally untuned, so you can kinda see my actual skin color - probably not as tanned as you could imagine, but yea. I'm all bruisy, don't ask why..