Friday, July 22, 2011

Erwin Piro - Invented parks in Estonia, where it's legal to drink*

Nicole is SO hilarious. She just came in my room, 'cause she's about to go to bed and we had a little conversation. She told me that on Sunday she won't have the swimming class early in the morning and she can stay up late. I told her that her mom had told me that she couldn't stay up until later than 11pm. Nicole had this drop dead serious face and she said: "I'm a l o u d to stay up until 11pm" I literally LOL'd on the bed, 'cause this girl is pure awesomeness.
Today was fun, anyway. We finished the puzzle. Took us like three days and a LOT of caffeine. We also played like tons of board games today. Courtney was here and we played Wii Rock Band, which was kinda fun. Also played some Call of Duty with Jake, which was... bloody, but awesome.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Oh, about the new Rebecca Black's song. Not that I really want to make a big deal out of it, but anyway. I don't really have anything to say about the song, but my brain refuses to understand, WHY IS THAT GIRL STILL MAKING MUSIC, tho' it's not really music. Most of the mainstream stuff isn't actually music. Have fun with yo' Ke@has or Ke£has or Ke$has. I mean, what do you think about the new song..?

AGH, I almost forgot. We made pizzas today! A LOT of delicious pizzas, which are mostly gone now. I might have some pictures for you. Agh, I'm too tired for writing anything but this, so I just caption all the pictures and hope you lazy people don't mind writing a comment :)

 Had fun with Photoshop, indeed :)

*We played Balderdash and in case you don't know the game, it's about defining something that's on the card and trying to convince others that's it's the actual meaning of it. Like a word or some initials. One of the categories is called peculiar people and one of the cards had a name Erwin Piro on it. Jake put down a definition saying invented parks in Estonia, where it's legal to drink. I guess you can say Jake knows enough about Estonia, right?

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