Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Ops

We went to this BIG outlet on the other side of the Bay Bridge yesterday and I got myself a Roxy T-shirt. I kinda thought it matches my neon pink shorts but then I also realized that those are Roxy's, too. Anyway, Kevin came over and we ended up playing Wii Fit and Black Ops. ME and BLACK OPS. I sucked.. When Kevin left, Jake taught me how to actually play this. I still suck. I think I'd need a whole summer vacation to learn how to play Black Ops. Though I'd rather play L.A. Noire, just because killing people isn't the main purpose of this game...

Today we'll start making a scrapbook with Nicole and in the evening there's a sailboat race. Chris told me that me and Nicole could race with him, so I'm really excited :)

I braided my hair last night and woke up like this.. Well..


Kristiina said...

heh, ma alguses ei pannudki tähele, et sa inglise keeles kirjutasid :)

aveliis said...

loen.. loen.. mõtlen kuidagi teistsugune, oih teises keeles ju :) ei, väga hea mõte! ja väga nunnukas näed pildil välja. muideks, teavita kui sa teise kohta lähed, siis äkki saadan kirja ka millalgi ära. :P

Paula said...

hehee :D hästi

Aveliis, saada sellele Schoolers Pond Way'le, olen siin ;)