Saturday, March 6, 2010

omg i do this too aka. kiiiksud

When the teacher’s cleaning off the blackboard and misses a small spot, do you want to run up wipe it off?

Do you ever try to peel oranges in one try?

Do you sometimes get annoyed that a lowercase "l" and capital "I" look the same in some fonts?

Does it drive you crazy when you have lots of tabs open?

Do you hurry to put away your change after buying something because you think the line is mad at you for being slow?

Do you always make sure you have the L and R in the correct ear?

Do you act really awkward when everyone sings you Happy Birthday?

In school, do you stop looking at the clock for a little while so that when you do look at it, more time will have passed?

Do you feel like your voice sounds different in your head from when it's recorded and played back?

If you ask someone to repeat themselves more than twice, do you just pretend you heard what they said?

When you're checking your email, do you always save the best email for last?

Do you push the elevator button more than once, because somehow that'll make it go faster?

Do you delete your whole password if you get one letter wrong?

When someone talks about the show "Dexter," do you always think of "Dexter's Laboratory?"

jah, jah, jah, jah, JAH ! :D


Eneken said...

JAHJAHJAHJAHJAHJAH... välja arvatud see put away your change asi - aga kui pole sinu kiiks, siis vist ei peagi pointile pihta saama... nii et kõik võtan omaks. Me vist ikka oleme sugulased :) nurr

katrina said...

haha, jah:D

Liisu I said...

yes, yes, yes
kui umbes paar küsimust välja arvata :D

Paula said...

e: nojust :D
k: :D
l: :D:D